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Artisans of metal

We have been working iron, steel and aluminium sheet since 2015.

We are based in Villotta di Chions. We work with customers from Friuli Venezia Giulia and the provinces of Venice and Treviso.

We are known for:

We guarantee precise, professional and personalised work from the initial design to the finished product.


Expertise and passion at your service

Sheet metal machining for a variety of sectors

We operate in all of Italy’s north east region, mainly in the professional, mechanical and furniture sectors, but in other fields as well.

The latest equipment

Since day one, we have invested constantly in equipment to offer our customers maximum flexibility.

Quick turnaround times

We offer delivery in five to ten working days, depending on the machining and quantities required. We can also handle small urgent orders.

Innovation, research and teamwork for quality products

Production speed is difficult to quantify. For example, while our laser can cut a small piece in just 10 seconds, larger pieces can take up to 30 seconds. It all depends on the thickness, size of the cut, and any holes or internal cuts. The same applies to bending and welding. Please request a quote for more information.

Yes, we have standard production only for some items. Otherwise, we handle orders based on the customer’s request, whether a company or individual. Do you have something in mind for your home? Contact us, and we’ll assess your needs.

We cut sheet metal tubing and sheets measuring up to 1500×3000 and 2000×4000, with a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm and a maximum thickness of 20 mm for iron, 10 mm for steel and 8 mm for aluminium.

You can make an appointment to visit us on site. Our staff will be pleased to examine your project.

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    looks to the future

    We are launching a project to create products in steel and light alloys

    We focus on combining functionality and design

    We want to expand our customer base and sales area to the entire area of Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino regions

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