In welding, we join two or more sheets together. This is a complex operation that requires not only the right machine, but above all experience. Like all machining operations, we first need to assess the type of material and its thickness. At MetalSteel, we weld steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel and carbon steel.



Our company has three wire welding stations and two TIG welding stations.

MIG/MAG wire welding

We use a special torch crossed by a metal wire to create a continuous arc between the wire and the material to be welded, melting the wire and the metal edges to form a thin welding bead. This technique lets us work any kind of metal very quickly.

TIG welding

This is one of the most popular methods requiring specialised operators, but offering high-quality results. It is an arc welding process using an electrode to heat the material to be joined. This method can be used in any position and for continuous or spot welds.